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About the Common California Workplace Accidents

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Getting injured in the workplace is one of the many inconveniences people don’t want to encounter during the course of their employment in California. However, these unfortunate incidents are far more common than one may think. In almost all industries, whether or not the jobs associated with them are inherently dangerous, there is always the likelihood of getting involved in mishaps. Depending on how catastrophic the accidents are and their full extent, workers may sustain injuries that are either minor or life threatening, or get killed at the scene or die due to complications. Sure, these accidents are preventable, but when they happen, injured workers and their families must be entitled to some kind of compensation in accordance with the prevailing federal and state laws.

Common California workplace accidents

Thousands of workers either get injured or killed in workplace mishaps in California every year. Basically, work-related injuries and deaths occur in the following venues and aspects:

  • Accidents in construction sites. A large percentage of workplace injuries and deaths in California occur in the construction industry, with people suffering from severe to fatal injuries due to falls, mishandling of work equipment, and electrocution.
  • Accidents in factories. Like construction sites, factories can also be venues for accidents. The most common injury any factory worker may sustain is when he or she is subjected to repetitive movements, which then causes musculature injuries.
  • Accidents in industrial plants. Injuries related to industrial accidents include burns due to chemical substances and highly flammable materials. Explosions and fires may also occur in such inherently dangerous workplaces.
  • Automobile mishaps. Not only do workplace accidents occur within company confines, but also away from it. Even those who need to drive vehicles as part of their duties and responsibilities may also get involved in road collisions. These workers include those who drive commercial vehicles such as trucks and delivery vans.

What injured workers can receive as compensation?

Indeed, occupational industries and deaths are still major concerns in the California labor sector. Injured victims, however, should be aware that they are entitled to workers’ compensation, as mandated by federal and state laws. As long as they meet the eligibility requirements, which include sustaining an injury while performing work, they may be able to receive benefits such as reimbursement for medical expenses, financial benefits for their lost income incurred during the disability period, and compensation for their temporary or permanent injuries.

Meanwhile, in order for injured workers and their families to be fully compensated for their losses, it is a must that they hire the services of attorneys handling work injury claims in California. They are aware that the payouts to cover for the injured workers’ expenses under workers’ compensation may not be enough. It is likewise possible that the accidents that resulted in their injuries were due to the negligence of third parties, and that they protect themselves from any liability.

Through the expertise of work injury lawyers in Los Angeles, California, the interests of workers in seeking additional compensation apart from the benefits under workers’ compensation are protected.