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The Types of Car Drivers Who Cause Car Accidents

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At some point in your life, as a car driver or a passenger inside public transportation in California, you might have encountered motorists who you can describe as irresponsible behind the wheel. They frequently change lanes in an unsafe and seemingly reckless manner. They speed off the road unnecessarily, breaking the posted speed limit. It’s as if they don’t regard not just their safety, but the safety of others as well. These car drivers are like monsters in fairy tales, because they put other motorists and innocent people’s lives in danger due to their recklessness and negligence.

As a car driver who regularly uses California roads, you might have encountered these car drivers who possess inappropriate driving behavior and are likely to cause crashes:

  • There are drivers with too much emotion that it impedes the way they perform behind the wheel. Aggressive driving has caused a lot of accidents, which is characterized with reckless driving behavior. Oftentimes, emotions cause something bad in on-road situations, in which drivers become overwhelmed with feelings of happiness or anger, placing themselves in a situation that may hurt other people and cause damage to property.
  • There are drivers whose cars are slowly veering out of their lanes. If you ever saw one, you can expect that the driver inside it is either sleepy or intoxicated behind the wheel. Fatigue and intoxicated driving are just two of the many reasons why accidents on California roads happen.
  • There are drivers in California who you might have already seen using mobile phones while they are behind the wheel. Despite the prevailing laws that prohibit drivers from using cell phones while operating their motor vehicles, many still do it. This form of distracted driving behavior is often said to be as harmful as driving while being intoxicated.
  • There are drivers who tend to daydream while they operate their vehicles. They basically ignore everything on the road, from traffic signs and signals to every motorist they share the road with. Like the use of mobile phones while driving, daydreaming puts drivers out of focus, creating opportunities to a potential car crash.

It is these drivers and their negligent behaviors that make California one of the states in the US with a high number of motor vehicle crashes. In fact, according to the latest statistical data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the year 2012 saw the state recording 2,857 motor vehicle crash fatalities in the state. The figure was a slight increase from the previous year, in which the state recorded 2,791 deaths.

Meanwhile, if you happen to be involved in a car accident in California because of the negligence of another individual, it is important that you immediately seek the expertise of a legal counsel to help you with your claim. Specifically, you must be able to hire a lawyer in California who handles auto accident claims. The attorney doesn’t expertly handle claims and represent clients who were victims of accidents in California involving cars, but also in slip and fall, premises liability, product liability, and other personal injury cases.